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Nottingham & Derby District of the Methodist Church


Sabbaticals are provided to presbyters and deacons so that they can do something different which will inform and even re-enthuse their ministry.   For Methodist ministers, sabbaticals are compulsory and are to be taken in the 10th and every subsequent 7th year of ministry.

Ministers are contacted by the District Sabbaticals Secretary in the year before they are entitled to take one. Information is provided in the initial pack given to ministers, including advice on money and expenses and guidelines on setting up a local support group. It is up to the minister to submit proposals for the timings and content of his/her sabbatical to the Sabbaticals Advisory Group which has the task of agreeing them and recommending them to the Synod for approval.

Further information is available from the Sabbaticals Secretary, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To share and include your sabbatical experience online This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Information is also available below for download:

Prospectus form
Sabbaticals & Money
Advance Expenses
Expense form
Guidance Notes for Expenses
Guidelines for Support Group

On return from a Sabbatical presbyters and deacons should submit information from the research that you have carried out during your sabbatical by attaching a Microsoft Word document that can be downloaded onto this website.  A short summary should be submitted of the subject you chose to study, the date of your sabbatical and a brief explanation of why you chose this subject.


Sabbatical Reports

July 2016
Sabbatical Journey
Susan McIvor - Derby

June - September 2015
Christian Family Life
Dr Robert Foster - Mid Derbyshire


September 2015
“………and now the final curtain”
Mike Redshaw - Trent & Dove


May - August 2015
To deepen my knowledge of Israel/Palestine, both the current situation, and how it relates to the Biblical material; to reflect on my ministry to this point.
Helen White - Derby

April - July 2015
Exploring teaching opportunities in Ireland and also at a theological college in Papua New Guinea
Gareth Higgs - Derby Circuit

February - May 2015
The Influence of the First World War on People’s Faith
Stuart BellNottingham Trent Valley


The Sri Lankan Tamil Community in Australia –refugees in a new land, 30 years on
Richard TannerGrantham & Vale of Belvoir


November 2013 / May/June 2014
Part 1: Rural Ministry: Pastoral, theological and Community aspects.
Part 2: 
Exploring the visual arts as a medium of religious reflection and communication
Helen Nice - Newark and Southwell


Summer 2013
At The Cutting Edge
Philip Macdonald - Newark and Southwell


April - June 2012 & Oct - Nov 2012
Chaplaincy Research
Richard Styles - Erewash Valley


April - July 2012
Mission & Worship
Christine Hey - Dove Valley