Child Poverty Letter to the Government

Various faith leaders, including the president and vice president of the Methodist Conference, have written to the government expressing serious concern about the issue of child poverty. 

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Faith leaders’ letter on the need to tackle child poverty

In this second wave of the coronavirus pandemic and what will no doubt be a difficult winter
for many, we are writing as faith leaders about our growing concerns about hunger and poverty,
especially among children.

With the help of Marcus Rashford’s inspiring campaign the pandemic has brought the issue of
child hunger and poverty into the light. However, this is not a new problem. The rising use of
food banks, most of them run by churches, synagogues, temples, gurdwaras and mosques, is
the extreme and visible manifestation of a much broader and deep-seated problem. According
to the official statistics, child poverty has been growing and deepening for years as a large and
growing number of low and insecurely paid working families struggle to make ends meet,
exacerbated further by the impact of Covid-19.

More than twenty years ago, the Government of the time promised to eliminate UK child
poverty within a generation and yet child poverty has remained stubbornly high under the
leadership of all political parties. No one can take the moral high ground, because this is
endemic to our economic structure and seems to fall outside our moral imperatives. We can
and must do something together to remove this injustice.

To read the letter in full, click here.