Conference Fringe Event – Opportunity to join with the Lincolnshire District


The Rev’d Bruce Thompson, Chair of the Lincolnshire District, is holding two very special webinars on Zoom

The first is a Conference Fringe event that will address some of the key issues so often overlooked by the Church in the 76 years since the war: How we as churches have engaged, or not, with the Holocaust.  How far were the churches complicit? And what have we done to address the lessons that should be drawn? Rev’d Dr Peter Howson and Dr Carolyn Sanzanbacher will be speaking on this important topic.

Secondly, there is a 60 minutes at Noon event, with Imam Imran Sulaman, Revd Dr Tom Philips and James Blackhall from the St Philips Centre, who will be considering how Muslims and Christians view the prophets.

Rev’d Bruce Thompson reminds us that we have much to learn, and these two events provide us with opportunities to further our understanding of what it is to be a disciple of Jesus in our context.