Doors and Windows – An Insight into the recent sabbatical of Revd Pete Taylor

‘Will Church doors and windows be open fully and clear,

or will some be stuck or cluttered so that one cannot see through?’

In the attached article, Revd Pete Taylor tells us about his recent sabbatical, which involved a significant amount of travel – both physical and spiritual. 

Pete says, ‘In August, within part of my sabbatical and that of my wife Sam, (a Deacon in the same circuit as me) we made a return visit to Bulgaria, where we served as Methodist Mission Partners between 2003-2007.  I planned in time on my Sabbatical to focus on ICONS and Bulgaria has many of these within its Orthodox cathedrals and monasteries. So, coupled with an opportunity to reconnect with the Methodist Church there, it seemed a good chance to make the most of my sabbatical interests.

I visited a number of monasteries and museums which have some incredible collections of icons and frescoes.  Looking back to when we lived in Bulgaria, I think I regarded Icons as a ‘tourist attraction’ and didn’t fully understand their meaning.  I hope to be able to benefit from this experience, and I believe it will help me in my devotional time and in leading worship, retreats and quiet days. For us as a family, it was wonderful to re-connect with Bulgaria…’

To read more about his  reflections on the theme of ‘Doors and Windows’, click on the link below.

Sabbatical – Doors and Windows – Pete Taylor