Easter Letter from Revd Loraine Mellor

Easter Letter from the Revd Loraine Mellor, Chair of the Nottingham and Derby Methodist District 

As part of her letter, Loraine asks us to reflect on the following questions: In the light of where we are as nation, how on Easter day can we proclaim hope, the hope of Jesus’ resurrection? How can we proclaim that hope when we cannot even celebrate it in our churches? 

She also gives us the reassurance that, in the midst of this global pandemic, of fear, concern, loneliness and isolation, we hold fast to the facts; Jesus is alive, and in every situation we find ourselves, he is there close to us, reassuring us, loving us, caring for us. Why? Because he is the Lord of the resurrection… Life will never be the same again for some, but we hear the last words of Jesus that he uttered on this earth;  “Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”

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