Christian Aid Appeal

Christian Aid have created an exciting appeal in partnership with the Diocese of Derby. It is a bespoke appeal for people to give thanks for the vaccinations they or loved ones had received. They have already received a number of fantastic messages from those donating, and say that it really has been an appeal that has brought joy to so many at a really difficult time. 

The Bishop of Derby, Libby Lane, is now supporting this initiative and an appeals page has been set up, which we hope to launch early next week. This is really exciting for both Christian Aid and the Diocese of Derby, and as a district we are adding our support to this worthy appeal.

To donate to the appeal, click on the link.

The Appeal In more detail 

As more of our family, friends, and neighbours receive their COVID vaccine, we rejoice and are glad that our loved ones are protected. But many communities around the world are still at risk to the coronavirus pandemic and have no access to vaccines. Many of our global neighbours lack the basics they need to protect themselves like clean water and soap for handwashing. Christian Aid is there, helping keep people safe – but the need is still great. We’re offering people the opportunity to give thanks with a donation to help protect those who don’t have access to a vaccine. You will have the opportunity to share your gratitude on this page when you donate. All donations will support Christian Aid’s response to the coronavirus pandemic in affected communities around the world. Donations will go to our partners to support Hygiene Kits, PPE, Toilet and handwashing stations.  

Click here to download a copy of their Thankful Reflection.