Joint statement from the Nottingham Majority Black Led Church Leaders in response to the death of George Floyd

Joint statement from the Nottingham Majority Black Led Church Leaders in response to the death of George Floyd
Friday 5th June 2020

Like everyone across the world the Nottingham Majority Black Led Church leaders were appalled to see the dreadful video showing the killing of George Floyd an unarmed black man whilst in police custody in Minnesota, USA. This has caused widespread revulsion and reaction around the world – we cannot remain silent in the midst of such injustice. As the New York Mayor said, ‘he was simply killed because he was black’. Sadly, this is just not an isolated incident but the result of decades of structural racism. This awful act of brutality strengthens our resolve as communities that the scourge of racism and hatred cannot be tolerated or ignored by any of us in our society. As Majority Black Led church leaders in Nottingham we stand with the family of George Floyd, and with all those who are peacefully protesting against all forms of racism and hate crime in our society. We earnestly pray that individually and collectively we can all commit to continue to work for justice, peace and equality in communities and in our world to put an end to racial inequality that continues to take so many lives – all lives matter – Black Lives Matter. Amen.

We are calling for the following 3 actions:

1. All citizens of Nottingham to lobby our MPs and councillors for increased BAME representation at every level of the workplace by calling for a change of legislation to ensure this.

2. To have a dedicated BAME community outreach worker in the police working on behalf of the BAME community on issues that strategically influence police policy e.g. Police stop and search, under representation and use of excessive force

3. All citizens of Nottingham to back a call for a Nottingham Community Racial Equality Centre that reflects the local and global historical contribution of Black people.

We the undersigned support this statement:

‘Prejudice, injustice and institutional racism in our multicultural society will only breed mistrust, unrest and violence. Let’s talk the talk and walk the walk for the common good. Lasting peace and progress will only result from such fairness to all’.
Pastor Dr Ezekiel Alawale Chairperson Majority Black Led Churches Nottingham and Pastor of Gods Vineyard Church Nottingham.

“May our world be a world for all because we all came from the God of all graces and races.” Bishop Pangani Thipa – Calvary Family Church Nottingham

“It is sad to see the Law abuse the Law. It is time for change”. Bishop Lincoln Davis – New Testament Church of God Nottingham

“We cannot deny that institutional racism still exists strongly in the UK also and it’s time to put an end to this”. Pastor Vincent Ibikunle – Redeemed Christian Church of God, Covenant Restoration Assembly Nottingham

“We all have a duty to stand up and speak out against racial injustice – silence is no longer an option”. Pastor Clive Foster – The Pilgrim Church Nottingham

“Racism is clearly an issue in British society, yet I commit to working with relevant authorities to root out this evil menace out from our society. The question is who will support me in this quest?” Pastor Joe Nipah – Gods Vineyard Church Loughborough

“It is appalling that those who are mandated to protect life have no regard for life. Racism and all forms of injustice should be addressed without fear.” Reverend Dinga K Mjojo- Christ Citadel International Church Nottingham

“It is inconceivable to think that we have to say any life matters but Black Lives Matter, all lives matter – lets love our neighbour as we love ourselves.” Pastor Sean Samuels – The New Generation Church Nottingham

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