MHA – Volunteer Chaplains

Information received from Revd Ruth Gee, Assistant Secretary of the Conference.

The following information has been posted on the ministers signpost section of the Methodist Church website. This is in response to questions about ordained ministers volunteering for chaplaincy roles in residential homes (specifically, though not exclusively, MHA) during the current crisis.

You will be aware that some of the most vulnerable people to Covid 19 are residents in care homes including those run by MHA. In a situation where there is a shortage of staff because people are ill or having to self-isolate, MHA are looking for volunteer chaplains and it may be that presbyters or deacons would want to offer some time to this if you have capacity.

If you want to consider this, please consult your superintendent minister and the circuit leadership team first, as the wider implications on work in the circuit will need to be considered, particularly as chaplains are limited to access to only one care home.

If you want to volunteer with MHA please send an email to