PURPOSE: To encourage churches and/or circuits to engage with or enhance on line provision via live streaming and YouTube.

In 2019/2020 we offered grants of up to 1K for circuits to think about starting up new enterprises around NPNP.


This year we are suggesting we do the same, allocating 12k initially, as that is the number of circuits we have.  We advocate a pump priming grant to be used for either training as a priority tool for evangelism and/or upgrading or buying new equipment and purchasing software.

We are all aware, due to Covid 19, the importance of streaming for Sunday services, Bible studies, and other events. Live video is important as a way of reaching out and has been shown to provide better engagement.   Zoom had proved to be very popular and the research demonstrates that people prefer this to just watching a non live worship experience.  Churches do bring people together through worship and that builds community. It’s a place where people can find salvation during hard times, and there is no doubt that Covid 19 has been, and continues to be, hard. A liminal time, a time of great suffering and distress but one in which the church has never been more church.  Historically, tradition and word of mouth have been the way churches have expanded their reach. Today, modern technologies have created new options for getting church services out to those who need them and cannot attend a service in person.

The live streaming for Churches has brought new potential to all places of worship and other faith events. As the world continues to react to this pandemic, governments are asking people to socially distance, and for many to isolate and one of the biggest hits will be churches around the world – we know this is happening all around us.

As Covid 19 continues to spread, people cannot gather in large groups during this time of need, resulting in limited church services.  But, it’s still possible to have worship, bible studies and gatherings through live broadcast from churches. Live streaming for churches let ministers and local preachers broadcast their sermon/worship/bible study remotely to people around the world, not just their own church and circuit, without anyone needing to leave the safety of their own home.  We appreciate that some churches like to provide recorded worship via YouTube and we will look at grants that increase present capacity, encourage evangelism and further develop the work.

Our hope is that such grants would enable our ministers and members to learn more about online evangelism (streaming, Zoom, Face Book live) and to upgrade equipment and purchase software which will enhance the experience and increase the skill base across the district.  

ACTION REQUIRED: We will use the same methodology as last year: We request no more than two sides of A4 which shares the vision, shows how the grant is going to be spent, what the grant is being requested for, and – most importantly in your application – tell us what difference, what impact, and what fruitfulness you hope to see as a result of receiving a grant, explain what your hopes are, what you want to achieve.  If you want to know what we mean by this please see page 17 of the Mission Planning Workbook: https://www.methodist.org.uk/media/18460/mission-planning-workbook.pdf.  

It needs to be clear in any application how it links with the District policy and your own circuit/church mission plan. [Please attach your mission plan to this application.] 

All churches/circuits will be expected to implement safeguarding good practice in developing digital worship and communication, and this should be reflected in the application.  The District Safeguarding Officer is happy to help with this. 

We also need to know how much budget is already available and what is being given by others i.e. Church/ Circuit meeting/donations. Grants will only be awarded where a financial commitment to this new way of being is already in place and where the application demonstrates real commitment from those who are involved in the vision.

Applications should be sent to Luke Mellor, District Administrator by Monday 7th December. The district staff team will engage in conversation and ask any further questions before assessing the application, if required. Once agreed, the information will be passed to the Grants’ treasurer who will action payment. Further applications can be submitted by Monday 1st February for consideration.

NPNP-DAF-Short-Scheme 2020-21 Application Form