As we start the new church year, and with a number of new ministers and other people moving into our circuits, we would encourage you to vigilant with regards to suspicious emails and texts. We are currently aware of a number of scams targeting churches and ministers, using both emails and texts, where church members are contacted and asked to purchase vouchers on behalf of the minister for things like Amazon. We know that this is not a new issue, but the Methodist church has been targeted and people have lost considerable sums of money.

Please use your church and circuit notices and any other ways possible to make people aware of such scams.

The scams looks very similar to the one on the link below.

Please report fraudulent texts and emails, which are linked to the church, to your Superintendent Minister. If people have fallen victim to this or any other type of scam, please report it to the District Safeguarding Officer Rev Susan McIvor 07434 284633  (if the victim consents).