Prisons Week has prepared prayer literature and other resources for the Christian community for over forty years. as an aid when praying for all those who are affected by prisons; prisoners and victims, their families, their communities, those working and volunteering in prisons and the criminal justice system.

The following is a PRISON PRAYER for Nottingham Prison.

Dear Compassionate God.
In your love for all prisoners,
help us to pray for their needs
By your Spirit set them free- from drugs,
from fear, from anger and from depression,
by bringing radical Reform for their re-hab.

Please keep safe all men & staff in prisons,
and continue effective drug control, we pray.
Bless the Chaplains by your Holy Spirit, and
may many men come to know the life changing
love of JESUS.

Send His light & peace to transform the dark
places of all prisons. In His Almighty Name, we pray.

For further information, visit the Prisons Week website.