Bursary Fund

Guidelines for an application for a District Bursary

Nottingham and Derby District of  the Methodist Church have initiated a Bursary Fund drawn from the Trustee Account interest of the District Property Fund; Trust 21603. This trust fund is administered by the District Resources Committee

The Bursary Objective is for the benefit of Ministers and Lay Workers of the Nottingham & Derby District by which they are able to broaden their experience of life outside British Methodism and learn more about Mission and Outreach in a multicultural world.

To qualify for a Bursary, the scheme on which the individual intends to venture will need the support of the Superintendent of the Circuit and/or the Chair of the District. The individual will be expected to bear some of the cost of the proposed scheme. The District Resource Committee will fund the proposed scheme to a maximum of £300 sourced from the interest accrued by the District Property Fund. Individual and their supporter group will each be expected to match the bursary as a minimum.  For example: 1/3 funded by the applicant, 1/3 by Church/Circuit/Other funding body and 1/3 from the Bursary Fund. This fund is not limitless and once the annual interest earned has been spent there will not be any more available until the following Connexional year.

All schemes will be reported at Synod and presentations to Synod by those undertaking a qualifying scheme receiving a bursary will be encouraged.

The applications should be submitted by electronic means, signed and scanned by the individual and their supporters, sent to the Chair of the Resource Committee copied to the District Grants Officer at any time in the Connexional year. (e-mail addresses in the District handbook).

The application should provide the following information:

1.      A full description of the proposed scheme

2.      The objective of the proposed scheme

3.      The outcomes expected from the visit

4.      The total cost and contributions in hand

5.      Signatures of the individual and supporters