District Advance Fund

District Advance Fund

Purpose of the DAF

To award grants out of capital or income for the support of personnel serving in the District or any of its Circuits, for Property Schemes approved under SO 930 and where applicable SO 931 and for ecumenical work SO 963


(a) The District Grants Committee’s response to applications will reflect the District Mission Policy. In short, this Policy  upholds the Connexional Policy as set out in ‘Our Calling’  and pledges, in partnership with others, to proclaim and affirm God’s love in Christ for all and to renew  confidence in God’s presence and action in the world and in the Church by:

  • Underpinning everything that we do in God centred worship and prayer
  • By supporting community development & action for justice among the deprived & poor
  • By  developing confidence in evangelism & the capacity to speak of God & faith in ways that make sense to all involved
  • By nurturing a culture in the Church which is people centred & flexible
  • By encouraging fresh ways of being Church

(b)  In applying this Policy, priority will be given to:

  • Imaginative promotion of growth and mission rather than maintaining the status quo or containing decline.
  • Getting in touch with the unchurched as we offer fellowship and service and an invitation to discipleship
  • Encouraging partnerships, particularly ecumenically, to develop the work and to share funding.
  • Extra support where full use of Church, Circuit and other funding is already being made
  • Projects where there is a plan to continue independently after the DAF grant ends.

Grants will not normally be awarded for general circuit funds or routine maintenance of buildings.