Safeguarding Training


Bookings for the online sessions will close 4 weeks before the event to allow time for people to complete the Theology X e.learning units prior to the gathered session. These usually take between 3 and 5 hours. Within a few days of the bookings closing, you will receive an email from Theology X, asking you to set up an account. Once this is active, you will be able to complete the online learning at your own pace. 

Bookings for the Face-to-Face sessions will close 1 week before the event. These events will all be held at the Rivergreen Methodist Hub, Clifton NG11 8AU

Saturday 16 Oct 10:00-14:00 Face to Face

At Rivergreen, Clifton
Tuesday 19 Oct 10:00-12:00 Online
Tuesday 19 Oct 19:00-21:00 Online
Thursday 28 Oct 10:00-12:00 Online
Thursday 28 Oct 19:00-21:00 Online
Saturday 13 Nov 10:00-14:00 Face to Face

At Rivergreen, Clifton
Tuesday 23 Nov 10:00-12:00 Online
Tuesday 23 Nov 19:00-21:00 Online
Thursday 09 Dec 10:00-12:00 Online
Thursday 09 Dec 19:00-21:00 Online
Tuesday 18 Jan 10:00-12:00 Online
Tuesday 18 Jan 19:00-21:00 Online
Saturday 05 Feb 10:00-14:00 Face to Face

At Rivergreen, Clifton
Thursday 10 Feb 10:00-12:00 Online
Thursday 10 Feb 19:00-21:00 Online
Tuesday 22 Feb 10:00-12:00 Online
Tuesday 22 Feb 19:00-21:00 Online


Should you have any questions, contact Rosie

Contact your local circuit or church safeguarding officer to find out about Foundation Module training.